Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU)

TDIU is a benefit for veterans who are unable to work (at a substantial gainful level) due to their service connected impairments.

TDIU pays $3,057.13 per month. You may hear other veterans refer to this benefit as Unemployability or IU. You do not have to be a certain age to receive this benefit.

TDIU pays the same as the 100% rating and is often easier to obtain since the VA doesn’t add the percentages together. This is one of the most common types of claims we work with.

Veterans often ask if they can still work and get TDIU. The answer is yes and no. We tell our clients if you can work, you should work. VA will not allow you to work at a job that is considered “substantial gainful employment.” This is full time employment or a job that pays above the poverty line. Some examples of jobs that would allow you to work and receive TDIU include, but not limited to: working part time at a fast food restaurant; grocery store, etc., being a part time delivery driver for a florist, pharmacy, or other carrier service that doesn’t require heavy lifting or any other physical demands; or driving for Lyft or Uber.

You can meet the requirements for TDIU with one impairment or a combination of them. Most veterans who qualify for this benefit have a combination of mental and physical conditions that prevent them from doing physical and sedentary work.

If you are already receiving Social Security Disability (SSD), that is not a problem. You can receive Individual Unemployability and Social Security Disability at the same time. If you are receiving SSD for your service connected impairments, that can be helpful in winning your TDIU case with the VA.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will work with you to see if you are eligible for this benefit.  If so, we will work with you on your claim. We will work closely with a Vocational Expert who can review your records and write a statement in support of your case.

Let our highly trained and experienced staff help you with the claim process.

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