Appeals at VA

If your claim is denied (or you receive a low rating) contact us to review your case.

We will take the following steps to win your case as quickly as possible:

  1. Request your claims file (Cfile) from the VA. This has all of your military, medical, and claim documents from the time you entered service until present. We like to get your Cfile in before filing any appeals as there is often evidence in your Cfile that we can use to win your claim.
  2. We will review your entire Cfile and determine if we need additional medical records. If so, we will work with you and your provider’s office to get the records as quickly as possible.
  3. If we determine that we cannot win your case with only the evidence in your Cfile, we will work closely with private doctors and/or vocational experts to further assist us in supporting your claim.  Such assistance may include: a private doctor’s review of your medical records; conducting an interview with you via phone/online video; conducting medical research; and writing a statement in support of your claim.  We have a family practice physicians, psychologists, oncologists, and vocational experts on hand to provide the medical evidence we need to help us win your claim.

We are educated on the new Appeals Management Act (AMA). We are also highly experienced with the traditional appeals process (now known as Legacy Appeals). Which ever appeal stage you are in, we are here to help you.

Because our office works on a no recovery, no fee basis, it doesn’t cost you anything to see if we can help you. We only get paid if we win your case on appeal. Our fee is 20% of the back pay we recover on your behalf.  We are not entitled to any of your future benefits.  In addition, we will pay any upfront expenses on your case and will only seek reimbursement if we win.  There are absolutely no hidden costs associated with our services!

We will help you get through the exteremly burdensome VA appeals process.

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